one of the best Desert safari car on the top of the sand dunes

Guide On Choosing Best Cars For Desert Safari: Desert Driving With Confidence is Possible

 United Arab Emirates (UAE)  has always been a dream for people who are compassionate about desert driving and for its stunning desert landscapes, making it a classic destination for dune driving lovers. However, driving into these fascinating dunes requires desert safari cars with great off-road capacities and the efficiency to manage the challenging landscape.

Dubai’s desert beckons adventurers offer a breathtaking experience like no other. When undertaking a desert safari, finding the right car rental can noticeably impact the quality of your journey. Let your trip be a short or a long-term stay, we can guide you to find the best car rental services in Dubai for your thrilling and memorable desert safari. Therefore, it is an authentic fact to decide the car with the highest dependability. Due to the extremely unbearable heat and sandy conditions, choosing the right vehicle is very important and to get an affordable breathtaking experience you can undoubtedly go for the best car rental services in Dubai. When it comes to safety and a good adventure, it is highly recommended to possess an SUV that is capable enough for the unforgettable desert terrain. The Toyota Land Cruiser, Nissan Patrol, Ford Expedition, Jeep Wrangler, Range Rover Sport, and Mercedes-Benz G-Class are among the top SUVs in dune driving.

Reasons to consider while selecting Desert Safari Cars

Off-Road Competence

Four-wheel drive capability is perfect for considering the landscape of the desert land. Although all-wheel drive may be capable of navigating the kind of loose, deep sand found in the desert. Therefore, a four-wheel drive is mandatory for steering the wet, hard-packed sand at the beach.


 The chances of a car breakdown are due to driving in extreme heat. It is next to impossible for desert car drivers to have a breakdown each time the temperature rises. A great desert vehicle has the efficiency and ability to endure the heat and travel. When choosing a desert vehicle, durability is pivotal. 

Fuel efficiency

 The finest desert vehicle must possess excellent fuel efficiency, as regular gas stations won’t exist in deserts to refill the fuel. Therefore,  to ensure that the trip can be completed before the car runs out of gas, having extra fuel on hand is an essential element to contemplate 

Luggage capacity

Sufficient Cargo space is one of the important requirements for desert safari cars to transport everything that would be required in an urgent situation which includes sufficient water, food rations,  tablets for water purification,  camping equipment, a first aid kit, signaling equipment,  lighting, flares, and all those that might come in handy if you get stranded in the middle of extreme weather conditions. 

Therefore, it is always recommended to rent a well-maintained car from the cheapest rented car in Dubai at an affordable price 

Best Desert Safari Cars in UAE

  • Toyota Land Cruiser:

    • Known for its robust off-road capabilities.

    • Comfortable and spacious interior.

    • Ideal for navigating the challenging desert terrain.

  • Nissan Patrol:

    • Renowned for its durability and powerful performance.

    • Offers advanced off-road features.

    • Comfortable seating for a smooth desert safari experience.

  • Jeep Wrangler:

    • Recognized for its iconic design and exceptional off-road capabilities.

    • Compact yet rugged, perfect for desert adventures.

    • Open-air options for a more immersive experience.

  • Range Rover:

    • Combines luxury with off-road prowess.

    • Advanced technology for a smooth ride over desert dunes.

    • Elegant and spacious interior for a comfortable journey.

  • Ford Raptor:

    • Built for high-performance off-roading.

    • Features a powerful engine and specialized off-road suspension.

    • Striking design with a bold and aggressive look.

  • Mercedes G-Class (G-Wagon):

    • Blends luxury with rugged off-road capabilities.

    • Offers a high level of comfort and style.

    • A symbol of prestige and adventure in the desert.

  • Lexus LX:

    • Known for its reliability and smooth performance.

    • Luxurious interior with advanced safety features.

    • Capable of handling challenging desert terrains.

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