385 AED
Per Day
2450 AED
Per Week
4475 AED
Per Month


The 2020 Toyota Fortuner shares the same underpinnings as the Toyota Hilux. However, the design is much more pleasing than its commercial cousin and also more comfortable, thanks to tweaks made to the suspension. The advantages of sharing a pickup chassis gives it superior off-road ability, as it gets four-wheel drive and low-range gearing. Customers can add two extra seats at the back at the expense of luggage space, if they want a 7-seater, making the Forturner a firm family-favourite here in the GCC.


Pickup Location: Meet & Greet
Fuel Policy: Full to Full
Mileage allowance: 250/per day
Transmission: Auto
Doors: 5
Passengers: 7
Luggage: 4